This has been the title of my 2014 Wheaton College sabbatical project.  I spent the months of January through June of 2014 in an intensive on site (en plein air) painting project in the Lincoln Marsh Natural Area in Wheaton.  I’ll continue to develop Lincoln Marsh landscapes in the months ahead, but my time will no longer be as undivided as it was during my sabbatical.

LANDSCAPE; THE KNOWABLE MYSTERY has been a collaborative effort with the Wheaton Park District and with various faculty and students at Wheaton College.  If all goes well LANDSCAPE: THE KNOWABLE MYSTERY will culminate in April of 2015 with a city of Wheaton-wide exhibition of paintings, scientific posters, and music that will kick off at Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center Gallery and then move out to a number of yet to be specified Park District facility buildings.

Check out “DuPage Plein Air” and the “blog” on this site to get a feel of what LANDSCAPE: THE KNOWABLE MYSTERY is all about.

Please stay tuned for more specifics about this big event.  The Billy Graham Center kick off is scheduled for Earth Day, in April, 2015.