Buying Original Artwork

All the work that you see on my site is original.  All work is sold unframed.  All prices are subject to unannounced change.

Prices for specific works in the "Puddle Paintings" and "Studio Work Prior to 2006" categories are available on request.  As a rough guide, smaller pieces typically begin around $2,500.  Please inquire if you are interested.

Some of the work that you see on this site has been sold.  Please specify the work that you are interested in for availability and pricing.

Prices for  "Landscape the Knowable Mystery" paintings are as follows:

11x14 - $415.00      10x20 - $540.00     12x24 - $780.00     16x20 - $865.00     20x20 - $1080.00     18x24 - $1165.00     15x30 - $1215.00     20x24 - $1295.00     18x36 - $1750.00  

Prices for "Art of the Fox" paintings (tax included) are as follows: 

11x14 - $600      12x24 - $1,045      16x20 - $1,160     20x20 - $1,445      18x24 - $1,560      15x30 - $1,630     20x24 - $1,735               18x36 - $2,345      

Sales of Fox River paintings is being handled by The Conservation Foundation.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Conservation Foundation.   Visit The Conservation Foundation's "Art of the Fox" gallery page ( if you are interested in purchasing one of the Fox River paintings.  

Shipping and Handling

The buyer pays for shipping and handling.  Shipping and handling costs vary depending upon destination and the cost of crating.  Shipping and handling will be added to the stated price of the work.


Sales tax will be added to the price where required